Born in 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

Deep thinker, wise, mystic, graceful, soft-spoken, sensual, creative, prudent, shrewd, elegant, cautious, responsible, calm, strong, constant, purposeful. Can be loner, bad communicator, possessive, hedonistic, self-doubting, distrustful, mendacious, suffocating, cold

The Snake is known as a charmer, the master seducer of the Chinese Zodiac. They are social but always remain mysterious to others.

A fast learner, a Snake will never repeat the same mistake twice. If you cross a snake they will never forgive you and are always suspicious and sceptical by nature. However, Snakes are pillars of strength and are perfect in a crisis situation, and have a great sense of humour even in a crisis.

The Snake can sometimes be seen as a little lazy, however they will work hard when needed and expect the same of others.

What ever the situation Snakes are in it for themselves; their love for expensive items and many admirers make them destined for fame and fortune.

Compatibility with:
Ox and Rooster

Famous Rats
Oprah Winfrey, Kim Basinger, Audrey Hepburn, Paul Hogan, Brad Pitt, Brooke Shields

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